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Notepad++ – Enable spell checker

Notepad++ version: 6.2

Prerequisite: Internet connection required for step 2.

In this article I will guide you how to turn one very useful feature in Notepad++ – the so called spell checker. It is very useful especially when you frequently write emails, articles, etc. Just follow the 2 major steps below:

1.    Notepad++ – Plugins – Plugin Manager – Show Plugin Manager – “Available” tab – DSpellCheck – Tick the box – Install – Restart Notepad++

2.    Notepad++ – Plugins – DSpellCheck – Settings – “Simple” tab – Download Dictionaries – Mark English (United States) – Install Selected

*If you do not complete step 2 the spell checker will not work since the dictionaries will not be downloaded from Internet and installed.

The same way you can add some other dictionaries if you type in languages different than English.

If you would like to have the spell checker turned on at the same time for different languages then go to:

3. Notepad++ – Plugins – DSpellCheck – Settings – “Simple” tab – Language – from the drop-down menu choose: “Multiple Languages…” – Select the languages of your choice – OK – OK.

Hope this simple guide will be helpful.